My skin routine – Oily / Combination Skin

Hello beauties 💕

So recently I’ve saw a few comments on various social media asking for good skin care routines and what orders to do things in that works best because let’s be serious it’s so confusing all the products out there that you “should” be using but do they ever tell you when to apply? Apply after…? Apply before…? Nope so half of the time you don’t bother (I know I didn’t until about a year and a half ago when my acne got unbelievably worse!) it takes a while but hopefully this post should shed some light onto the situation.

I have oily skin with sensitivity (it’s so difficult to find perfect products) so to give a routine I know works that is what this post will be based on, a routine for that skin type. It could probably be adaptable but I wouldn’t know that far. So without further ado, my skincare routine.


Normally I will splash some warm water over my face and then use about 3 pumps of my ‘Tea Tree foaming facial wash.’ I then go on to massage into my face in circular movements and rinsing with warm water. Afterwards I pat dry my face with a clean towel. I tend to change my towel ever two days to make sure I’m not reapplying bacteria to my face after a cleanse.


After a cleanse I will apply toner with a cotton pad all over my face and working it slightly into my neck. I will then go on to let it completely dry (normally passing the time by watching my favourite TV show, leave yours in the comments below!) Toner is a massive part of my routine it is basically the holy grail for oily and acne prone skin as it soothes redness and takes away excess oils!


I have really been reaching for this neutrogena treatment lately as it moisturises also. I generally don’t need a lot of this product about 2 pea sizes, on the tip of my fingers and I sweep it around my t-zone normally but if I’m having a break out I tend to just apply everywhere. I noticed results after 2 weeks of using this treatment daily (which is fab for my skin!)


I use the ‘Anew clinical eye lift pro’ which is absolutely unreal for results! I saw results in about 10 days of using this product and its great. It has a over eye gel and an under eye cream which lifts and firms! And the best part is you only need a sparse amount of this product! So I sweep a bit of the gel over my eye just under my brows and sweep a bit of the cream under my eyes (over my bags!)


Anew retroactive repair eye serum – discontinued 😔
There isn’t much to say for this I will just gently rub a pump of this around both of my eyes.
Both this step and the last step help to repair collagen damage around the eyes too!


Solutions complete balance – discontinued 😔
This step is essential girls!!! Without a good moisturise your skin will quickly become dry, causing your skin to produce more oils! It just defeats the objective really. So I scoop a bit of my solutions moisturiser up and run it over my whole face and again working it slightly into my neck. This process will also lock in the previous products that you’ve applied (BONUS!)


If you are continuing with a makeup routine (comment below if you would like to see a makeup routine!) remember to prime! Forgetting to prime is criminal to skincare, all your hard work with skincare routines, Gone! This step is vital in protecting your skin from harsh chemicals in some makeup!


I tend to only scrub 2-3 times a week due to my skins sensitivity but when I do I tend to kick off my skincare routine with a scrub. I squeeze out a penny size onto my palm and massage over my face in circular movements avoiding any eye areas! Following with splashes of warm water to wash off the salts and excess scrub.


I use a clay mask (another holy grail for oily skin!) once – twice a week. I apply a thin layer all over my face making sure to leave all eye areas out. I leave it for about 30 minutes to 1 hour so as it’s completely dry and light chalky grey in colour. I then rinse thourghly with warm water and pat my face dry with a clean towel.
Thank you for reading about my skincare routine! Remember to comment your favourite way to pass time whilst your toner/mask dries or if you would like to read about my makeup routine!
Happy skincare!
P.S a lot of my products are from Avon as I love their skincare range so I have linked them to the Avon company on Amazon but if you get their weekly magazine I’m sure they are still in there (that’s where I get mine! 😉)

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