July Monthly Goals 

This month was my first month of doing my monthly goals, and I have to say I wish I had done better 😞 Yet I am still relatively pleased with my progress on this particular set of goals as they have genuinely impacted my day to day life which I am so pleased about! ☺️ So without further ado, My July Monthly Goals

So my first goal was… 

  • To spend some more ‘me’ time – this particular goal for me didn’t go as well as I planned but on the plus side it worked at the time👍🏽 I had a lovely bubble bath with some of my favourite music in the background whilst the house was empty (and very quiet!) for me this was perfect I just felt so relaxed and like I’d had just enough time to regroup and chill (which lets be serious we all need!) – if I reset this goal in the future I would attempt to get a couple more ‘me’ times in my month as this month I only really had this time. 

My second goal was…

  • To be more prepared for my travels – so this goal was okay but not great I am organised with my packing but as for blog posts with timers or pictures or anything of that region I am so unorganised it’s scary 😂 hopefully this week I can pick that up and smooth out some of them worries as this is my first travels since opening my blog! 

My last goal was… 

  • To catch up on some work before my travels and before September – this goal was a bit of a boring one and a bust too! I have had no work motivation what’s so ever! As I am still in summer off mode and want to enjoy and relax therefore when I get back from my travels my guess is that work is what I will be coming home to! (That and rain as far as I can see from England at the minute!) 

Okay well that was my July Monthly Goals and I cannot wait to write about my August one, I will try to make them more engaging (Hopefully!) I wish you all a lovely day! ❤️


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