First Travels on the Blog! ✈️

So today being the 7th of August when I write this and travel! Today I travel to the beautiful Greek Island of Kos. I have been here a few times before and I can’t wait to go back! So considering I love this place so much I thought I would give you some insight into the island and what made me fall in love with the place! 

Although I have only ever stayed in one town on the island (despite numerous returns!) I have been around the island and feel I can confidently share with you all my experience and reasons for my infatuation with this small island! 

So I have always stayed in the friendly and laid back Tigaki or as some spell it Tingaki (depending) and it is beautiful! I for obvious reasons cannot say really where I am staying but this town is just perfect! ❤️ and so utterly beautiful (I’m so sorry for using ‘beautiful’ so much but I genuinely don’t know how else to describe it) so in Tigaki there is one main stretch with all the shops and restaurants on it and omg the choice is vast! There is a gorgeous place with its very own stone pizza oven and the pizzas are devine! And another restaurant which is family owned and so friendly and all the staff just want you to be perfectly comfortable! (This place does the best Yvestsi (a Greek pasta dish but the pasta looks like rice with slowly done beef chunks which fall apart if you even threaten them with a knife! All of this in a thick and creamy tomato sauce, Yum!) although this place is off the Main Street and down near the Spa which is also set back, and if any of you are wondering it’s called the Ikaros. 

There is an amazing foot spa too on the Main Street and for adults it’s €5 for 30 minutes which is amazing and it’s great value it works really well also. So as I’m awful and never have time for full foot care (a quick 15 minute all over job is my best!) I am definitely going to have it done again this year! Or maybe a few times! 

The beach in Tigaki is amazing also but as I don’t really like to lie on the beach (I’m not a lover of getting out the sea and having sand stick everywhere!) I have already been down to the beach 2 times and it’s only the second day! Just for a little swim in the sea and then back to my apartment. 

I’m really sorry this post is late the wifi rates are shocking over here! Let me know in the comments if you want anymore information on this gorgeous Island ✈️❤️

I will link as soon as I know the actual names of all places mentioned to a website or just name them so if you happen to end up in this quaint town on Kos you knows my recommendations! 


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