Beach Bag Essentials 

Okay everyone so I’ve been pretty inactive lately as its been my first week away and I’ve had such a busy previous month or two that I’ve just wanted to relax! But I’ve been thinking whilst I’m here I will do a couple of posts and do tons when I come home! So without further ado my Beach Bag Essentials ☀️ 

First of this is my Beach Bag 

It’s literally a primark original that I’ve had for ages! Genuinely it was a major sale item that I picked up for about £4 👜 I love this bag as its light easy and can be wiped free of any stray sun cream, oils or anything! I especially love the wings in the sides as I can shove my bottle of sun cream in one pocket and sunglasses in the other! Perfect ❤️

My iPhone

This is a must have in my beach bag as I’m constantly replying to instagrams, facebooks, other bloggers and more! So my iPhone is a must have whilst I’m chilling round the pool or on the beach! 

Next up is my Tangle Teaser, Crockadile Clip and of course SPF 15 Chapstick 

So I undoubtably need these! My tangle teaser mainly because if I’m in and out of the pool or sea I want to keep my hair looking okay rather than in rats tails for the rest of the day! So my tangle teaser goes everywhere with me as it brushes out tangles in my hair painlessly which is perfect after being in the sea or a pool! My crockadile clip is definitely next because even when I’ve brushed out my tangles I still want my hair away from my face, my crockadile clips perfect for this as it just moves everything out of my face and looks okay too! I normally have my crockadile clip or a band with me which normally does the trick. My Chapstick is an obvious one really, it keeps my lips hydrated and has SPF 15 in it so it stops them burning as well, because believe me it hurts when your lips are burnt! (As I’m sure you can imagine) 
Sunglasses and Sun Cream! 

These are pretty self explanatory, I need my shades for sure and these ones I just picked up from primark for about £2, I love these as I am very in love with the cat eye sunglasses lately. As for my sun cream I am always reaching for this spray, it says once a day but I reapply so much (paranoid about burning 😂) but it’s clear spray! For me that’s the best thing I hate the slimy cream feel and theabsorbancy rate of this clear spray compared to cream is unreal it’s so quick! I always have worn factor 30 and this spray suits me perfectly. Added bonus it’s the brand Malibu so it basically smells of coconuts! 

iPod with earphones 

This is a given, I am completely music crazy. I can’t sing or play any sort of musical instrument but I still sing and love to listen to music. So I used to have an actual iPod but it got old and couldn’t even hold charge anymore so now I have the whole of my music library on an iPhone 4S which perfectly does the job.

Last but never least; My Book 

So currently I’m reading all the bright places by Jennifer Niven. I think I’ve already mentioned this book before, it is such a good read. It’s got a great story line and you just fall in love with the characters it’s taking me ages to read it though, as I barely ever have time to read my daily life so it was a must to bring on holiday with me. And I must say I would definitely write it a five star box for me and it will always live on my shelf because I’m sure I could re-read and still enjoy it. 

Thank you all so much for your ongoing patience. I’m sorry I can’t link much for this post as many of the things are either out of season, not being sold any more, or I just can’t find them online anymore. Please leave comments below if you would like to ask anything and I promise I will be back with so many more posts very very soon  🌸💕


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