August Monthly Goals 

Hello beauties! 💕 I am back with my monthly goals and back to more regular uploads I promise! 🙄 

So August has been a major one for me, I went travelling to one of the most beautiful islands on earth and I have been out and about doing things and just being in the moment and enjoying the vibes! 👑

So my first goal was to be more confident with new people I meet; this for me is a big one because in day to day life I am quite a shy and a very nervous person 🙈. But throughout august and especially on my travels I made it a priority to step out of that skin and into a more chatty me ☺️ I feel I did quite well at this and I really worked hard for it and met some new people and made new friends which I am very pleased about! 

Second was to be less of an airport stress head 😏 so I am that person in the airport that checks their bag for their phone, passport,boarding card etc. Every 30 seconds. And I know it’s ridiculous and I know I’m doing it but I can’t help it and I constantly check the screens and the minute the gate number is up I start a route march to get there right away!😂 this year I feel I was quite relaxed probably because I had a bag with dividers and I knew where everything was and I could see it all also as we got through security our gate number was already up so we just wandered over to the gate as we knew we had about 1 and a half hours to get there so I was quite calm! ✈️

Now this last one I have failed at and every year I do; staying calm for the new academic year! 😒 so this year it’s even more difficult for me to stay calm as this year I sit my GCSE’s so the stress is running high already. I am quite a worrier by nature and so already I’m quite scared. So no this goal is still not completed 😞 

So that is my August Monthly goals I hope your August has been amazing! And have a beautiful September! 🌸


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