Beach Bag Essentials 

Okay everyone so I’ve been pretty inactive lately as its been my first week away and I’ve had such a busy previous month or two that I’ve just wanted to relax! But I’ve been thinking whilst I’m here I will do a couple of posts and do tons when I come home! So without further ado my Beach Bag Essentials ☀️  First of this is my Beach Bag  It’s literally a primark original that I’ve had for ages! Genuinely it was a major sale item that I picked up for about £4 👜 I love this bag as its light … Continue reading Beach Bag Essentials 

First Travels on the Blog! ✈️

So today being the 7th of August when I write this and travel! Today I travel to the beautiful Greek Island of Kos. I have been here a few times before and I can’t wait to go back! So considering I love this place so much I thought I would give you some insight into the island and what made me fall in love with the place!  Although I have only ever stayed in one town on the island (despite numerous returns!) I have been around the island and feel I can confidently share with you all my experience and … Continue reading First Travels on the Blog! ✈️